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Let us do the thinking and make your money.

Let your money do the work ,not you.

We will help you invest your money through decentralized platform ,Real Coin.

How does it work?

The future payment on "Real Coin"


Learn How

Learn how to connect to the REAL community, how to operate, the route of activities, how to control assets, how to monitor your assets.

Specify the amount of REAL's

You can easily connect to the REAL Community from here and specify how much of your assets you want to convert into the global REAL currency and experience borderless and instant payment.


Connect your account to your card.

The REAL community has designed blockchain-based smart cards, which support all digital currencies, and you can also connect your account to the card and manage your assets.

  • Borderless conversion of Fiat currencies into digital currencies and vice versa
  • Cryptocurrency Exchange
  • A fast and limitless payment
  • Support for all blockchain networks
  • OTPOATH HOTP security algorithm

You can Send and Receive

There is no amount or time limit for you. We have worked on technology and speeding up transactions so that you can Send & Received in the shortest amount of time and as much as you need.

A convenient and satisfactory way to transfer money

Small and comprehensive training on transfers and details of 'REAL' community and other digital currencies

Play video

Clear rules

The REAL community shows you its growth process in a graphic, completely transparent and online way, as well as providing a simple platform for your presence and growth.

No fees for transactions made with the card

The possibility of full personalization of the card

Secure service of funds from several bank accounts

Support and service of over 20 cryptocurrencies

  • You can turn the REAL into the top 20 currencies in the world
  • We will also show you the growth trend of projects soon
  • The REAL community has started educational projects, banking and payments .

Technology, as well as in the field of global market transactions, and its shares have supported its tokens, and you can see the details of the project here.


Thanks to technology and the field of global market transactions ,tokens can be supported easily.

You can also see the details of projects here , soon.


Contact us

Let us know your comments, suggestions, questions and any points you have. We are honest consultant and value your feedback.

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You can get in touch with us via WhatsApp, email, social media and even direct contact.




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