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Production or control of currency cannot be controlled by any organizations and it is decentralized. Nowadays, investors use real currency for investment, purchases and sell. In fact, this is an appropriate option for people to save their financial value and it can be seen that more investors are participating in this method to buy real currency and invest in that. We are so pleased to have been able to predict their purposes and wishes via using IFO and ICO over this time.
Firstly, Real coin is a currency with the aim of easy access to money and, secondly as far as technical matters are concerned, it can help all credit cards with different codes be connected with each other. Therefore, via using Blockchain system to save people’s investments, all geographical and chronological restrictions will disappear. Moreover, chances are, real coin will act like an expand community regarding financial and other purposes.
Our organizations consists of numerous experts working in a professional environment where the way they are processing their jobs is miraculous. Experts working here are responsible for facilitating the payment methods every day. In the beginning of establishment of this team, one of the most important purposes was making Tokens reach its highest level so that we assure investors and Toke buyers of our promises.
Truly, our experts gathered here to take care of circumstances of international purchases and lift all hindrance. In order to achieve this, we are working 24/7 with two different shifts. Moreover, we are scrutinizing international community by working on the-up-to-the-minute information and update every day leading to great sell of Tokens via IEO or ICO, and amazement of all people and investors, but for Real team this is not a great occurrence since we are here to facilitate access for people to money. Real coin community and its ideology focuses on educational purposes and we have created a painstaking plan by cooperating with London College to cover from the most rudimentary level to PhD.
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  It should be mentioned that people who are supervised under this education will be given an international license. Talented graduates will have the chance to cooperate with the central community or other affiliated organizations which explains our first priority and policy is to improving the international awareness and then investment since we believe that if the global awareness rises chances are, members of this community will easily understand the importance of technology which leads to the betterment of life. Furthermore, due to this method, we will be able to find work force much more easily because we are assured that our team has been educated with the latest standards around the world. It should be mentioned that Real coin community and all its affiliated organizations are moving forward and progressing on a regular basis.

We would be pleased and grateful if you share all your precious comments and suggestion with us since Real team supposes that sometimes, some problems should be observed from other people’s perspective so we sincerely ask you to share your experiences and comments with our 24-hour support throughout the week, and beyond doubt, this cooperating means a lot to us.

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